On-line marketing and membership sales. Does it work?

In an economic climate that is about saving and getting best value for money, competition is becoming fiercer. So how do you get your message across when others fight with you for their share of the local market?

We have looked at lead generation, so now I would like to look at the next stage with you which is on-line marketing.

The internet is an extremely efficient way for customers to research and buy services often without even leaving the comfort of their home. We regularly buy our weekly shop, holidays, clothes music and games online. But what about membership to health clubs and other leisure facilities? Well many gyms are still playing catch up. Those that provide that service are seeing a good return but are you maximising your on-line opportunities?

Let’s look at the positives for on-line marketing and membership.

  • Low cost and efficient way of contacting many at the touch of a button.

  • Easy for customers to find out about you 24/7.

  • Lower admisnistraion charges.

  • Instantly trackable.

  • No or at the very least significantly lessened paperwork.

But what really makes this work?

Having a sharp looking website with the ability to join and pay anytime is just the start of it. You still have to get people to follow you on-line and it all starts with data capture.

Do you e-mail your members regularly with updates and newsletters?

If you are great if not it’s probably because you don’t have their e-mail address. So how to get it. For existing customers it can as simple as, updating your records with the incentive of each entry being included in a prize draw. Winners to be alerted by e-mail. This opens all kinds of doors for member updates, newsletters surveys and referral campaigns which can be linked to your joining portal.

What about corporate business. If you can send a newsletter each month to a single contact with fitness tips, dietary advice you see how quickly it gets circulated to everyone at the office. If your news letter has a link to your web site your visits will increase as will your enquiries and if you have the facility available to join on line your new memberships.

Never underestimate the lure of a prize

The success of local outreach can be significantly improved through data capture. People incentivised to win a prize or complimentary visit will be more likely to give you their contact information and better still are expecting communication form you. This means any e-mail will be greatly received and will allow an easier reason to call the customer and not be bogged down with those dreaded cold calls.

But what do you do with these contact details?

For existing members referral incentives via e-mail are easy to send and will generate a fantastic return. Ex-members can be contacted at very low cost and can be contacted with updates, new classes or perhaps just an incentive to come back.

What about social networking? Most gyms now understand the effectiveness of setting up on facebook or being followed on Twitter. Your users will instantly recognise you and become part of your group and then you can just watch our followers grow. Twitter updates can get information out to people in seconds guarantee you high levels of exposure.

True interaction takes time - but the rewards are huge

I have worked on a number of projects where sites have been introduced to on-line marketing and joining facilities and the results have always been excellent. You see people joining over the Christmas period after they have eaten too much. Early hours of the weekend after thinking enough is enough and they want to make a change now. The point is we know as an industry that for many people becoming a member is an emotional time, a decision that can take a long time to get to and can be a spur of the moment thought.

Unfortunately not everybody walks past your facility when this feeling takes over, however if they are at home or at work and they decide that now is the time to start they can log on and do it.

Want to understand how to make the most of online marketing? Then get in touch and we can explain exactly how we can help.

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