It’s not how you close, it’s how you open

Often I am asked to work with sales teams because they have problems closing as there sales numbers have dropped. For a long time I have believed just looking at the close is a mistake often it is what goes on before where the problem lies.

Let me explain.

How good is your needs analysis before you start your tour? Do you do one and if you do do you refer to your welcome and enquiry questionnaires? Sales people of all levels be they experienced or new are often so keen to get to the price and close they forget to identify the prospects needs and build rapport. Without background information you can not match needs or head off early objections and your tour does not reflect what the prospect needs.

We know you have to get emotional buy in and find the prospects trigger, but if you don't carry out the needs analysis properly you miss opportunities to match on tour and you miss key points that can help you with objections.

My advice before you thinking about closing look at your opening. Trust me you will be amazed.

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