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“The team are working hard, and with the news that it is making a difference... It is a great excuse to engage members even more!” 

Members with Club 2.0 have 19%
lower drop out risk


The LC is home to Swansea’s most state-of-the-art gym(with over 180 Technogym stations) and luxurious spa, indoor surf machine, four storey interactive play area, a 30ft indoor climbing wall and a multi-purpose sports and exhibition hall.


Your Retention (GG Fit) was called to integrate Club 2.0 into the member offering, provide professional staff development, and to help strengthen the LC’s offering in light of the new budget clubs opening in Swansea. Reporting on progress and measuring success was key to the project. 


Using Technogym’s Club 2.0 as a profiling tool, we helped staff at the LC use the member’s Aspiration Map to know how to interact with each member, as well as recommending exercises and classes. The Club Map shows that LC members are more focused on Power & Shape than Sport, but aspirations overall in Swansea are fairly even.  Technogym’s Contact Manager is used to recognise new members in the club. The system triggers a welcome, and members also receive a touch base contact and first review within the first 45 days. High risk members are identified on the “Who’s In” screen, and staff are targeted to contact at least 80% of these members each week. The system also contacts members by e-mail who have not visited after 21, 27, and 36 days. 

All gym staff had four interaction coaching sessions over the course of a month to develop their communication skills and build confidence through workshops, role play, and interaction with real members. The workshops also focused on understanding the Wellness System, Contact Manager and Club 2.0. Management engaged very closely in the project, particularly on the reporting and measurement of progress and effectiveness. 


In just 4 months, over 1,000 members (a quarter of active members) had completed their Aspiration Map. These members visit 1.2 times per week on average, whereas members not yet on Club 2.0 make 0.6 visits per week. Average Drop-Out-Risk for members on Club 2.0 is 63.2%, others are at 82.6%. 

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