Haringey’s Leisure Centres 

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“It’s encouraging to know that our members are more aware of what we can offer and that we’re retaining memberships during challenging economic times.” 

Retention Focus Delivers 10 Times Return On Investment 


Haringey’s Leisure Centres at Park Road, Tottenham Green and White Hart Lane 


Over the last two years, Haringey’s Leisure Centres at Park Road, Tottenham Green and White Hart Lane have faced many challenges. All now face stiff competition from budget clubs. Whereas the local Haringey leisure centre was the lowest price point, all memberships have now been undercut on price. On-going austerity has been very evident in the London Borough, and new member sales have been difficult. Haringey’s 12 month member retention has been 42% for several years, but with increasing competition, something had to change. 


The member journey was tracked using Contact Manager, and Technogym’s Club 2.0 Aspiration Finder helped with member’s exercise programming and interaction. Linking the Technogym Wellness System with XN front of house also increased efficiencies and accuracy in terms of member data.  A key success factor was staff training. All gym staff had at least 2 interaction coaching sessions to give them the confidence and purpose to talk to members. These sessions also focused on using the Wellness System to reduce admin tasks and free up more time for member interaction. Front of house staff also gained an understanding of the systems and justification for using Club 2.0. Management were involved at every stage, and worked closely with us on outcomes and effectiveness. 


By improving member contact, 12 month retention is now 47%. The increased retention secured £68,000 of member DDs, over 10 times return on investment (ROI). 

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